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Vintage White Papers


Transition to SD-WAN, successfully!

Requirement for a cloud based CDN

A Mock RFI for a SD-WAN

NFV Network Functions – Key Considerations for Profitability

The Business Case for Deploying SDN in Enterprise Networks

Leveraging SDN and NFV in the WAN

Primary Functionality Provided by an Application Delivery Controller

Key Components of WAN Optimization Controller Functionality

An Overview of OpenFlow

Architectural Criteria to Evaluate Overlay-Based SDN Solutions

How to Plan for SDN

Why network engineering needs to change

Are you ready for the next generation of network management?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Overlay-Based SDN Solutions

Planning for SDN

The 2014 State of the WAN Report

What is Enterprise Mobility

Best Practices for Super-Charging your IT Strategy

Service Assurance in Virtualized Data Centers

Traditional Application Service Delivery Challenges

Avaya VENA Fabric Connect

Listen to the Associated Podcast with Jim

Ten Things to Look for in an SDN Controller

The Adoptioin of IaaS - A Market Analysis

Mock RFI for Enterprise SDN Solutions


IT Operational Model

The Changing Role of the IT & Network Professional

NFV Reality Check

An SDN Reality Check

The Promise and the Reality of a Software Defined Data Center

The Mandate to Move from a Highly Manual IT Function to a Highly Automated IT Function


Mean Time to Innocence (MTTI)






Below are other White Papers & Documents from the past

The Road to Cloud Computing

The Critical Role of the Network in Supporting Cloud-Based Solutions

Distributing Security and Optimization in the Application Delivery 2.0 Era

A LAN Perspective on Wireless WAN Requirements

The New Branch Office Network

Branch Office Networking

The Three Components of Optimizing WAN Bandwidth

A Better Approach to Branch Office Application Delivery

Eliminating The Roadblocks to Effectively Managing Application Performance

The New Age MAN – The Architectures and Services

The New Age MAN – The Marketplace Requirements

Buyer’s Guide: Application Delivery Solutions

Managing the WAN’s Migration from Plumbing to Platform

Innovation in MPLS-Based Services

How to Approach Application Delivery

The Mandate to Implement Unified Performance Management

Proactive WAN Application Optimization – A Reality Check

The Transition to Networked Storage

Architecting the High Performance Storage Network

Taking Control of Secure Application Delivery

Supporting Server Consolidation Takes More than WAFS

Closing the WAN Intelligence Gap

Product Brief - Certeon’s aCelera Virtual Appliance for Acceleration

The Mandate for High Availability Video Programming

The Next Generation Network Operations Center – How the Focus on Application Delivery is Redefining the NOC

The Case for Managed Application Services

Think You Have An Application Delivery Strategy? The Role of Internet Application Delivery Services Within The Enterprise

Is Your Network Ready for the 21st Century?

A Top-Down Approach to Managing Application Delivery

The Challenges of Managing Virtualized Server Environments

The Compelling ROI of Adaptive Private Networking


Network World WAN Newsletters
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Hyper-scale WAN Optimization

Cisco, NetQoS move a step closer to integrated network optimization, management

How optimizing the business network could help you optimize your career

Senior management: Don’t manage each IT component in isolation

How to fix application performance issues: Organize an IT pow-wow

When apps are slow, net managers are wrong until proven right

Don’t assume application performance problems are always network-related

What makes application management so hard to do?

NOCs now in charge of application management

Zero chance of interoperability between optimization technologies

Are you in a state of denial over the need for network, application optimization?

The benefits of managed service for applications performance

Microsoft SharePoint could be a challenge for WAN optimization

Juniper’s take on network optimization

The three components of application delivery according to Cisco

How does your company handle recreational use of Internet resources?

Chicago Mercantile Exchange sees benefits in automated change management

McDonalds see business value in the WAN

Which is most important to organizations - service delivery or service support?

Using ITIL for better WAN management

What’s the goal of route analytics in the WAN?

Logical sources of performance and availability issues

The demise of hub-and-spoke networks

The WAN and the wiki generation, Part 1

The WAN and the wiki generation, Part 2

The WAN and the wiki generation, Part 3

Survey: Organizations’ application delivery processes are ineffective

Users formalizing processes to manage application performance

Successful application delivery

Benchmarking for WAN-vicious apps, Part 1

Benchmarking for WAN-vicious apps, Part 2

When YouTube presents true business value

Cisco analyst conference mulls super fast pipes vs. highly functional nets

Does your WAN benefit your business’ business?

YouTube, video e-mails causing headaches for WAN administrators

Morphing tactical solutions to becoming strategic ones

The benefits of thinking strategic when deploying network optimization

Identify and then test

WAN optimization tips

Insight from the road

What is termed network misuse in one company may not be so in another

Naïve users who hog (or bring down) the network

Network managers reveal extent of network misuse on their nets

Network managers plugged into the importance of application delivery

Cisco vs. Microsoft: The battle over the branch office, unified communications, and collaboration

Cisco gets serious about application delivery

Application Acceleration that Focuses on the Application, Part 1

Application Acceleration that Focuses on the Application, Part 2

CIOs don't take enough notice of application delivery issues

WAN-vicious apps are a net manager's worst nightmare

Who in your company first notices when apps performance starts to degrade?

When applications perform badly, is the CYA approach good enough?

Making sure the apps your senior managers care about work well over the WAN

Where best to implement network and application acceleration, Part 1

Where best to implement network and application acceleration, Part 2

A new convergence form brings together security and application acceleration

What makes for a next-generation application performance product?

The limitations of today's app acceleration products

What slows down app performance over WANs?

Automating application acceleration

Advancing the move to WAN management automation

Application benchmarking helps you to determine how apps will perform

How do you feel about one-box solutions?

Users don't want WAN optimization tools that are complex to manage

QoS, visibility and reporting are hot optimization techniques, users say

Survey finds users are becoming proactive with WAN mgmt.

Microsoft attempts to address CIFS' limitations in R2

WAFS could answer CIFS' limitations

Disgruntled users and the centralized data center

WAFS attempts to soothe the problems of running popular apps over WANs

WAN optimization helps speed up data replication for global benefits firm

Application accelerators take on various problems

The gap between networks and applications lingers

Is Cisco AON the new-age message broker?

Controlling TCP congestion

How TCP ensures smooth end-to-end performance

Mechanisms that directly influence network throughput

Increase bandwidth by controlling network misuse

Cisco's FineGround buy signals big change in the WAN optimization sector

The thorny problem of supporting delay-sensitive Web services

Uncovering the sources of WAN connectivity delays

Why adding bandwidth does nothing to improve application performance

Organizations are deploying MPLS and queuing for QoS, survey finds

The trick of assigning network priority to application suites

TCP acceleration and spoofing acknowledgements

How TCP acceleration could be used for WAN optimization

Antidote for ‘chatty’ protocols: WAFS

How are you optimizing your branch-office WAN?

What the next generation Web services mean to your WAN

Bandwidth vs. management: A careful balancing act